G Suite for Education Data Collection Form

Tech Hub is working with Lancaster University to help schools set up G Suite for Education in order to facilitate home learning using Google Chromebooks. This is a highly flexible and practical solution for the schools and students benefitting from the project.

More information about G Suite for Education can be seen here: https://edu.google.com/

School Details

If you have any problems filling out this form, please call Tech Hub on 01524 566701 or email info@tech-hub.co.uk.

Tech Hub or Lancaster University will contact these people, so please ensure they have consented to being contacted for this purpose. Please give names and email address up to a maximum of 3 - one per line.
Please enter the domain name associated with your Google Education tenancy. E.g. schoolname.lancs.sch.uk

Since you already have a G Suite tenancy set up, all we will need from you is either a Super Admin account setting up e.g. techhub@schoolname.lancs.sch.uk or a dedicated device provisioning account that we can send directly to the manufacturer, Stone.
Please create the account and send the account details to info@tech-hub.co.uk securely from within Users in G Suite Admin.

This can be an EXISTING domain e.g. schoolname.lancs.sch.uk OR a NEW domain which we will register for you, e.g. schoolname.school or schoolname.co.uk
With this option enabled, students will only be able to email school email addresses, such as emails to jbloggs@schoolname.lancs.sch.uk or jbloggs@schoolname.co.uk

Technical Information

In order to prove domain ownership it is necessary to add a TXT record to the domain DNS, or in cases where this is not possible, an HTML file can be uploaded to the website linked to the domain. This may be managed within your school or by an external company. Please provide full contact details of the person/company responsible and ensure you have permission from them to share this information.
At point of Chromebook provisioning, the schools WiFi & Network settings can be securely deployed, saving you time adding the connection details manually in the future if the devices are ever used in school.
e.g. WPA2
Please upload your SSL filtering certificate if SSL decryption is required on your filtering platform.

Users and other Customisation

By collecting a few details below we are able to provision your users in G Suite. If you would prefer to do this stage yourself, please answer no to the next question.

Answering 'no' will mean the school is responsible for setting up the users or that the users will be added at a later date.
Please type an example using the full domain name and using "Joe Bloggs" as an example student.
Please provide 3 columns: First Name, Last Name, Registration/Form/Class Name
Useful if you would like shortcuts provisioning directly for the users in G Suite, though they can be added at any time. One URL per line e.g. https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/dailylessons
Useful if you would like certain browser extensions provisioning directly for the users in G Suite, though they can be added at any time. One URL per line

Thank you for all the information you have provided.

Please click ‘submit’ and we will action the work ASAP.

The data collected on this form is solely for the purpose of provisioning G Suite services for your school. Once the data has been used to create/append your G suite tenancy, neither Tech Hub (North West) Ltd. nor Lancaster University will retain any of this data, with the exception of the main contact name and email address on this submission. Tech Hub or Lancaster University may contact anyone named on this form only for the purposes outlined above in the form.